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Data centres

Data centre cooling solutions

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To keep your vital IT equipment running smoothly, Daikin offers reliable cooling solutions designed to deal with the massive amounts of heat a data centre generates. 

Your benefits

System reliability

As data centres become increasingly demanding, Daikin offers the high reliability, stability, and economical operation you need when looking for essential cooling all year round.

Free cooling technology

Daikin’s free cooling technology saves power and energy by using cold outdoor air to chill water for the air conditioning system. 

Cost savings

Daikin chillers can also be equipped with a heat recovery option that extracts heat from the cooling process. This way, the chillers provide low-cost comfort heating for offices. 

Reduced carbon footprint

Because free cooling chillers use the colder outside air to pre-cool the water used in data centre cooling, and because heat recovery ensures free heating for your offices, Daikin chillers reduce the environmental impact of the system.