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District cooling

District cooling solutions

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Daikin offers highly efficient cooling solutions that can be totally customized for the largest communities or districts. The result is lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. 

Your benefits

High capacity

When cooling is required for a large number of buildings, Daikin offers tailor made configurations capable of delivering very high cooling capacities up to 10,800 kW from a single unit. The units can be installed in series to meet specific air conditioning and cooling needs.

Energy efficient cooling

As energy demands and costs rise, district cooling plants for offices, industry and homes need to be increasingly efficient, reliable and sustainable. Daikin’s customised solutions deliver reduced annual energy consumption and running costs.

Customised approach

At the design stage, Daikin selection tools allow designers to create a tailored solution for any cooling project, with a large number of different options, accessories and combinations to obtain the best optimized solution for each building structure.

Professional support

Daikin offers a dedicated service to all our business partners. We’re looking for a long-term partnership that delivers fully integrated solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration in your community or district.