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Packaged Plant Solution

Cooling | Heating | Refrigeration | Process

Our standard solution is a packaged-type HVAC system which includes chillers, pumps, cooling towers, valves, pipes, fittings, instruments and other hydronic accessories such as expansion tanks, pressurization units, glycol make-up systems, and electrical components such as VFDs, PLC or DDC control panel and power distribu-tion. Our systems are designed for use in new construction or retrofit projects spanning all types of applications such as commercial, district cooling, data centers and industrial process. 

Benefits vs Conventional Systems

Packaged solutions are designed for a wide range of applications such as:

› Oil & Gas Application

› Data Centers

› Process Cooling & Heating

› Inlet cooling for small gas turbines

› Refrigeration plant

› Mobile solutions

› Energy Retrofit & Expansion Projects

› Air-cooled to water-cooled plant conversion

Compact Packaged Mechanical Room:

› Standard ISO 20- or 40-Foot Containers

› Standard & premium efficiency options

› Easy Transportation

› Durable construction

› Minimum civil work required

› Short installation and commissioning time

› Modular & Scalable

› Custom Designs also available

› Alternate External Finish (Cladding, Sandwich panels)

Available Designs

We have available designs you can choose from,  and we can also customize specific designs that  will best fit your business needs.

Components & it's Specifications

Watercooled Screw or Magnetic Bearing Compressors

› Unit Mounted VFD Starters (Low Voltage).

Chilled Water Pumps

› Standard 4.5 Bars design head

› Unit mounted VFD Driven

Cooling Water Pumps

› Standard 2 Bars design head

› Constant Speed

Auxiliary components

› Y strainer wit Differential Pressure Gauges

› Suction diffuser

› Isolation valves & Flexible Connectors @ pump suction & discharge

Cooling Towers

› Counterflow or Crossflow

› FRP or SS304/316 construction.

› Makeup/ Drain & Overflow Connections in basin.

› Vibration switch & Level switch.

› Mechanical Ball Float valve @ make up inlet.

› Access Ladders.

Condenser Automatic Chemical Dosing System

Chilled Water Chemical Pot Feeder Corrosion Coupon Racks

Pressurization System

Plant HVAC:

› Fan Coil Units

› Louvers & Exhaust Fans

Controls and Instrumentation:

› DDC Panel to control the overall operation.

› Manual Pressure & Temperature Gauges.

› Flowmeter on CW blowdown & CT Make up supply.

› PIT on CT make up supply line.

› Modulating valve @ CHW Bypass line.

Pipes, Valves & Fittings:

Electrical System (LV):

› Low voltage MCC Panel with single power connection

› VFD for cooling tower fan motors

› Raised floor

› Flexible electrical power cable to all equipment

› Cable trays and supports › Small power socket outlets

› Internal and external and emergency lighting

› Earthing cables and earthing bars

Fire Alarm & Protection System:

› Heat and smoke detectors

› Manual call points and fire extinguishers

Plant Enclosure and CT Base Structure with Walkway:

› Fire-rated insulated panels on walls and roof

› Fire-rated doors and access panels

› Drain points at floor level

› Lifting lug    


Length: Up to 12 Meters + 3 Meters ( Tube Pull)

Width: 3.6 Meters

Height: 7.6 Meters

Maximum Operating Weight: 30,000 kg 

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