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Three new leaders: Daikin Sky Air A-Series

Offering the lowest environmental impact and a unique package of energy efficiency and comfort, the most innovative Sky Air series to date is easy to install and control.

Award winning technology

When choosing the Sky Air A-series, you are choosing it for its award-winning design and innovative technology.  

The Sky Air A-series are recognised for its superior energy efficiency and increased design flexibility. 

Geared for comfort

Delivering the highest efficiencies, the Sky Air A-series utilises Daikin Variable Refrigerant Technology (VRT) to optimize comfort and flexibility for each customer’s needs.

Ideal for city centres and urban areas, the new range offers the quietest climate control solution available on the market.

The Sky Air A-series provides the ultimate in climate control for small to large businesses

  • Easy to use interface guarantees easy climate control
  • Online controller offers simple control for single shops from your smartphone anytime, anywhere
  • Intelligent Tablet Controller allows monitoring and control of multiple locations for small to medium-sized commercial applications and key accounts
  • Integration of alarms and possibility of remote assistance by technical managers

Help is at hand

Aiming to be the most installer-friendly in the market, the new series promises to be a helping hand on site, making planning and installation easier.

  • Lighter and more compact units for easier onsite placement, single fan casing below 1m up to 14 kW
  • Faster installation due to longer pre-charged pipe runs up to 40m
  • Redesigned pivoting front plate for easy access to vital system components
  • New 7 segment display for easy error read-out and system settings
  • Integrated leak-check function reducing on-site checks and improving reliability 



Daikin at the heart of the system

A future-proof solution, the new Sky Air A-series has patented Daikin innovation at the heart of the system.

  • Highly efficient swing compressor, designed and manufactured specifically for use with R-32 refrigerant
  • Bluevolution technology achieving superior energy efficiencies of up to A++ (SEER up to 7.72), reducing running costs and environmental impact
  • Reliable in all weather conditions thanks to new refrigerant passes and refrigerant cooled electrical components, installers can expect fewer calls out to site

Bluevolution technology

The Daikin Bluevolution range incorporates R-32 refrigerant, the most energy efficient refrigerant available on the market for light commercial applications.

Launched by Daikin in 2014 on smaller split systems, the well-known benefits of R-32 include:

  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • A Global Warming Potential that is 68% less than other common refrigerants such as R-410A
  • Reduced energy consumption and bills
  • Reduced maintenance costs as no yearly leak checks are required

Read more on how fashion retailer JBC conducted a site trial with Daikin to evaluate the gains generated by Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology.


Upgrading to Bluevolution technology and Sky Air A-series

With new replacement technology included on all Sky Air A-series units, the range offers a much quicker, easier and more reliable way to replace any existing system with a future proof solution for throughout the F-Gas phase down.

  • Cost and time effective, the replacement process only requires the indoor and outdoor units to be changed while keeping the pipe-work
  • Limits any potential disruption and results in a system that significantly reduces energy consumption and bills

The three new leaders

 Sky Air Alpha-seriesSky Air Advance-seriesSky Air Active-series
Seasonal efficiency - Smart use of energyA++A+A
Replacement technology      ●           
Variable refrigeration temperature           ● (1)             
Twin/triple/double twin application           ● (1)            
Guaranteed operation down to -20°C      ●             
Infrastructure cooling      ●             

Installer benefits

Compact single fan casing           ● (2)                      ●                      ●           
Refrigerant cooled PCB’s           ● (1)           
(1) Not available on RZAG35-50-60A 
(2) Not available on RZAG100-125-140MV1/MY1
More details are available in the catalogue.


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