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My application doesn’t discover the Daikin LAN adapter (local).

Caution : In rare cases the Daikin LAN adapter firmware version 17003902 and 17003903 doesn’t indicate that a Daikin Altherma unit is not compatible. Please make sure your Daikin LAN adapter is updated to the latest firmware and verify with your installer that your Daikin Altherma is running compatible software.

Caution: Verify with your installer that your Daikin Altherma user interface is configured to work in “RT control”. “LWT control” or “Ext RT control” are currently not supported by the Daikin LAN adapter and could lead to “No units found”.

Please make sure that your phone is connected to the same network as the Daikin LAN adapter. Additionally please limit the network equipment between the Daikin LAN adapter as this can disrupt the discovery.

The Daikin LAN adapter uses mDNS (Bonjour/ZeroConf) to discover the unit. In rare cases an Android smartphone cannot successfully discover the Daikin LAN adapter. Please make sure your smartphone has the latest OS updates installed and reboot your phone, check then again.

If the above solution doesn’t solve the problem, the Daikin LAN adapter IP address can be fixed programmed in the Daikin Online Control Heating application, so that control is possible. This solution, should only be used when automatic discovery is not working. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Open the menu and select “general settings” 
  2. Select “fixed list” under Discovery. 
  3. Enter the IP address of the Daikin Altherma LAN adapter (can be found in the DHCP list of your router). 
  4. Enable the check box and select “v” on the top right corner 

The Application will search manually to the adapter with the configured IP address and control via the application is possible.

If even with programming a fixed discovery on the Daikin Online Control Heating application your Daikin LAN adapter cannot be found please ensure that your router and smartphone supports the use of websockets.

You can check this by browsing to:

If the test fails please check with your smartphone/router manufacturer how websockets can be supported.

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