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Evolution of Air Conditioners - Technological Leaps

Air Conditioners have to be counted as one of the most important inventions of humans. Started as a luxury for the rich to become a household appliance, Air Conditioners have gone through many changes and improvements. 

From the very beginning of times, man has discovered ways to bay off the heat. If you are wondering how it all started then you got to scroll down.

We are going to discuss the wind of changes that this man-made luxury went through to come to its current state.

Let’s begin!

Earliest of times

Did you know that the first use of hand fan is reported to be 3000 years ago? Be it the cave dwellers or residents of tall buildings, people have made advances in trying to comfort themselves from scorching heat. In ancient Egypt, people would place wet reeds on their windows to enjoy cool and filtered air. The wealthiest citizens in Rome would install an indoor cooling system. It was an elaborate and extensive system in which cool water would pass through channels within the walls. In the Middle east, architecture was used to keep off parching heat. Large wind towers were constructed that would circulate cool air throughout the buildings. In China, the man-powered rotary fan was invented in the second century. These 10-feet wide fans were run by servants for their affluent masters.

Daikin’s first packaged air conditioner | Daikin Africa
Old AC Model | Daikin Africa

Daikin’s Contribution to the market!

Daikin stepped into the market of Air conditioners in 1924. It came as a major breakthrough in the history of air conditioners. Starting from a humble beginning, the company has now become one of the top world leading manufacturers and sellers of AC. Established with the idea of bringing AC to every home, Daikin comes up with a more advanced technology every year, covering a full product range and catering to all applications.. 

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