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WCT 6,000TR the innovative centrifugal chiller

Daikin McQuay’s announces launch of the efficient solution to district cooling

June 2012

Daikin the global leader, innovator and provider of advanced air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications has introduced the new WCT 6,000 water- cooled centrifugal chiller which is the most efficient and largest commercial capacity district cooling chiller in the world.

With cooling capacities up to 6,000TR (tones of refrigeration) WCT chillers provide industry-leading efficiencies, resulting in low operating costs and excellent return on investment.

“Chiller compressor design is a key factor to attain highest levels of sustainable plant room energy efficient performance, that’s why Daikin McQuay’s WCT 6,000TR system includes a pair of two-stage centrifugal chillers arranged in series-counter flow to reach the high lift typically required in district cooling systems. The two-stage centrifugal compressors have inter-stage flash economizers that increase the life of the unit” said Mr. Maged Makar, Business Development Manager at Daikin McQuay Middle East

As energy demands and costs rise, district cooling plants for offices, industry and homes need to be increasingly efficient, reliable and sustainable. WCT chillers represent the most recent product in a long line of innovative solutions from Daikin McQuay, seeing that they are considered experts in delivering district cooling systems across the Middle East.

“This unique and innovative ‘back-to-back’ impeller design results in a 67% reduction in thrust load, improved reliability and longer bearing life. Additionally, diffuser control avoids surging, resulting in a 10% efficiency increase at part loads, when compared with hot gas bypass. Furthermore each compressor operates at a lower head, thus increasing the energy performance at full load” added Mr. Makar.

“We are thrilled to launch the WCT 6,000TR chiller ! WCT concept is based on extensive market research taking into account the wishes of many stakeholders in the industry: Designers, Installers, Owners and Regulators. WCT is destined to lead the district cooling industry in the Middle East, establishing new standards in efficiency and environmental responsibility. While offering faster payback for DC investors and easier installations for EPC contractors, WCT will also insure that consumption of subsidized electrical energy is minimized. We can cool our cities today, while preserving the environment for the future generation” .commented Mr. François Boueri – President of Daikin McQuay Middle East and Africa.

“Daikin McQuay offers full support to its clients at every stage of a project: planning, designing, installing, operating and maintaining. We have established the highest efficiency trend on stand alone installations with the revolutionary Daikin VRV system. We will now do the same in the District Cooling segment with the birth of WCT ..” concluded Mr. Boueri

At the design stage, Daikin and McQuay selection tools allow designers to create a tailored solution for any cooling project, with a large number of different combinations to obtain the best optimized solution for each building structure.


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