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How can I re-initialize the WLAN adapter to the factory default settings?

Caution: factory resetting the WLAN adapter also clears all settings. You will need to setup the WLAN adapter again to match your preferences.

Settings that are reset:

  • Home network connection (WLAN settings)
  • Out-of-home account information
  • Child lock code
  • Schedule timers (including schedule function of demand control1)
  • Energy consumption data1
  • Unit name and icon

You can factory reset the adapter with following instructions:

On the WLAN adapter:

  1. Press both “Setup” and “Mode” buttons simultaneously till all LEDs are blinking.
  2. Release both buttons.
  3. Press the “Setup” button shortly: all LEDs will start to blink quickly.
  4. Wait till the “Power” LED is continuously lit. The adapter has been reset successfully. 

Only if the unit supports this function