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A cool presentation

Product presentation is everything, especially for lifestyle products such as ice cream, beverages or convenience products at the POS.

Merchandising for ice cream, beverages and snacks

AHT is also the first port of call for food manufacturers; its ice cream merchandisers and promotion coolers enable ice cream, beverages and snacks to make their full impact on the consumer!

Excellent product presentation

You have put a lot of passion into developing, testing, designing and perfecting a product – and now you want the perfect setting for successful sales. AHT ice cream chests and promotion coolers offer precisely that: ideally staged and individually branded.

Top merchandise quality and enjoyment

You know precisely when your product tastes best, and under which conditions it retains its quality for longest. Leave nothing to chance and opt for the strictly controlled conditions you can be sure of with the technologically superior AHT ice cream chests or promotion coolers.

High partner involvement

Get your food retail partners’ commitment to your brand with refrigeration solutions from AHT, and ensure their loyalty to your company with our ingenious “product including cooling” total package. In this way you will create a win-win situation that brings top success to both you and your partners.

Refrigeration systems - a major factor in winning

Your food retail partners are exposed to great competitive pressure. As a food manufacturer, you can give your partners a helping hand and support them in their sales successes - by backing the unbeatable combination of your product and our technologically trailblazing refrigerator and freezer systems.

The benefits for your partners (and thus for you):

  • Simplest installation thanks to Plug&Chill
  • Attractive product presentation
  • Increased additional purchases
  • Extremely low electricity costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to use
  • More maintenance-free operation with fewer breakdowns
  • No servicing required for the wear-free refrigeration system
  • Entirely CFC- and PFC-free