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Giving food value

As an innovative associate of regriferated and frozen food retailer, we play an active role ni their success and increase the value of the company.

Partner for food retailers

AHT is a full-service supplier to leading supermarket and discount chains worldwide. With our expertise, retailers can boost their sales figures and reduce their operating costs.

Pushing sales

An attractive presentation of products entices customers to make additional purchases. At AHT we design our refrigeration systems in line with the visual merchandising concept, meaning our appliances effortlessly encourage the sale of products. Semi-automatic defrosting ensures a perfect view as well maintaining product freshness.

Reducing operating costs

The ultra-efficient technology used in every AHT appliance hugely reduces the electricity costs for keeping goods refrigerated. The simple installation and flexible retrofitting options also save retailers high costs.

Optimising the overall balance sheet

Due to the fact that the refrigeration system requires very little maintenance, AHT appliances not only have an extremely long lifespan and excellent repairability, but also they minimise the involvement of personnel and service cost, therefore improving the company’s balance sheet.

Plug-in for cool sales success

AHT is the inventor of the plug-in installation: the revolutionary Plug&Chill concept makes AHT’s refrigerated multideck cabinets and chest freezers the logical choice for supermarkets to buy.

Sustainable cost reduction

Thanks to the complete integration of all the refrigeration components, no additional installation costs are incurred. This ensures that AHT appliances are convenient and reduces the cost of developing and/or refurbishing supermarkets.

Attractive merchandising

The elegant style, modern design, vast variety of customisation options, brilliant lighting and numerous accessory options are just some of the many persuasive AHT sales factors.

Ice-cold sales talent

In this way, AHT appliances are visually appealing to supermarket customers and help retailers achieve the 40% sales of refrigerated and frozen food products. AHT appliances are also ideal for staging convenience products at the POS.

Excellent user convenience

Have you ever shopped at a supermarket which uses AHT chest freezers? If so, you’re sure to have noticed how convenient it is to handle the smooth sliding lid, and how easily you can access all items within the freezer.

Your employees will love AHT appliances too

The convenience of use when stocking or rearranging, the simple cleaning options, and the semi-automatic defrosting (which ensures the best presentation and preservation of products) will make day to day life easier for your supermarket team.

Environmentally-friendly with peak performance

By using eco-friendly propane, AHT refrigeration technology lets the environment breathe. Unlike the traditional CO2 refrigerants, propane is very effective without impacting the environment and allows for low refrigerant filling quantities.

Benefits for a better climate

    • Unrestricted performance capacity
    • Entirely CFC- and PFC-free
    • Protects the ozone layer and the environment
    • Major contribution to combatting global warming
    • Low refrigerant filling quantities

    COOLPOINT service partners

    Our independent COOLPOINT partners are close to you and provide extra-fast service – with their own equipment, replacement parts store and technical helpdesk. The high standard of COOLPOINT service includes access to an exceptional network of contacts. You will have a contact who knows your needs, gives you individual advice, and uses original AHT replacement parts when deemed necessary.

    Worldwide freezer/refrigerator system service

    There are COOLPOINTS in more than 100 countries – set to increase in future. We will be pleased to inform you where your nearest COOLPOINT partner is based so that you can be sure to experience all the benefits of COOLPOINT.

    • After-sales service
    • Warehousing and renovation of appliances
    • Delivery and distribution
    • Installation and disposal of appliances
    • Services for all international AHT customers