FTXM-M Smart comfort

Perfera Smart comfort

The smart, safe and sustainable climate solution for your heating, cooling and air purification needs.

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

  • Available with Bluevolution technology to further reduce your environmental impact 
  • Powered by 80% renewable energy from the air and 20% electricity 
  • Inverter technology increases energy savings by 30% 
  • 2-area intelligent eye and Econo mode reduce excess consumption

Daikin Flash Streamer makes air 3 times cleaner, healthier and fresher

Promote a healthy immune system and breathe in air that is clean and fresh. Our Daikin Flash Streamer uses electrons to trigger chemical reactions and break down moulds and viruses. This process reduces asthma and allergy symptoms by making your allergen-free.

Daikin Flash Streamer

Always in control

Download the Daikin Online Controller app, connect your Perfera to Wi-Fi and control your climate from anywhere. It is that easy.

intelligent eye

Designed for your comfort

The 2-area intelligent eye uses sensors to detect and direct air away from people to create the perfect airflow. Your system automatically switches to energy-saving mode when it detects an empty room.

Optimal comfort

Each heating system is designed to work so well, that you forget it’s even there. Smart controls and whisper quiet sound make Daikin solutions the best housemate you will ever have...


For one room or more, the choice is yours

With Daikin multi-systems, you can connect up to 5 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled.

Comfortable climate control

Heat pumps extract existing heat from the air, which makes heating your home an energy efficient process.

Air conditioning that is energy efficient

Powered by renewable energy and equipped with our signature inverter technology, air conditioning no longer consumes large amounts of energy.

Clean and healthy air

Our Daikin Flash Streamer removes dust particles, allergens, odours, bacteria and viruses, keeping your air healthy and clean.

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