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Did you know different standards exist in F-gas regulation?

In fact 2 standards are applied to cover the safety regulations for R-32:

  • EN378:2016 the general standard on refrigerants
  • IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6) the specific heat pump product standard

Since the 6th edition of the IEC product standard additional measures were introduced to facilitate R-32 VRF installations …, if they are correctly applied by the manufacturer or installer.

“At Daikin we have always strived to take over as much as possible liability for the system installation from the installer, if some simple & clear installation instructions are followed.”

With VRV 5, we've integrated 2 factory-mounted measures to ensure there is no liability on installer partners and the unit is fully compliant with IEC60325-2-40 (ED.6).

How are the 2 standards applied in practice?

EN378:2016 states that if a specific product standard tackles the topic, it prevails over the generic standard. Therefore flammability is covered by IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6).

Standard f-gas daikin

As a result of the combined standard the refrigerant classification is:

Flammability Toxicity
Lower toxicity Higher toxicity
No flame propagation A1 B1
Lower flammability A2L* R-32 B2L*
A2 B2
Higher flammability A3 B3
*A2L and B2L are lower flammability regfrigerant with a maximum burning velocity of ≤ 10cm/s

Both toxicity and flammability have an impact on minimum room size were the unit can be applied.


How does the room surface relate to the applied measures?

What to take into account in terms of additional measures for R-32?

Overview of room are limitation by EN378:2016 and IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6)


Although both R-410A and R-32 are classified as 'A' in EN378:2016 the toxicity limit is slightly different: 0.30 kg/m3 for R-32 vs 0,44kg/m3 for R-410A.

On the other hand the refrigerant charge for R-32 is lower resulting in only a small change of room are limitation



The product standard IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6) specifies all information regardingthe total refrigerant amount and minimum room surface, depending on the additional measures taken.

Flammability Chart

Area 1: Application area without any measures

  • Typically split and Sky Air systems fall in this area thanks to very low refrigerant charges.
  • A typical mini VRV installation, with 6.5kgs of refrigerant would require a minimum room surface of 39m2 (1)

Area 2 :Extended application area of VRV 5 including 2 factory-mounted measures.

  • The Daikin way, enabling to use the VRV system to it‘s full potential, with a minimum room surface down to 10.0m2 (1)


(1) For systems with 6.5 kgs refrigerant charge and indoor units installed at minimum 1.8m height, above the lowest underground floor


The most flexible solution by Daikin

The most flexible solution: two measures, system integrated

  •       No additional costs or calculations needed to implement measures in the field
  •       No hassle or additional time needed when installing
  •       No risk in errors thanks to Xpress selection software

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